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2 lub Player no koj mloog lub twg los tau.  Thov caw koj nias lub uas koj tuaj yeem qhib tau mloog.

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Posted by: Posted: Today at 01:29:58 AM
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Canada PM vows crackdown after capital shocked by fatal attacks
OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper vowed to redouble the country's fight against "terrorist organizations" abroad after a reported convert to Islam rampaged through parliament,
Posted by: Posted: Today at 01:43:08 AM
Category: Top Stories

The Guardian

Mexican mayor and wife wanted over disappearance of 43 students
The Guardian
Relatives of the 43 missing students during a protest at Zocalo square in Mexico City. Photograph: Tomas Bravo/REUTERS. Reuters in Mexico City. Thursday 23
Posted by: Posted: October 22, 2014, 07:53:18 AM
Category: Top Stories

Irish Independent

North Korean Detainee Jeffrey Fowle Reunited With Family in Ohio
Wall Street Journal
Jeffrey Fowle is greeted by family members on his arrival at Wright-Patterson Airforce Base on Wednesday morning in Dayton, Ohio. David Kohl/Associated Press.
Posted by: Posted: Today at 01:38:39 AM
Category: Top Stories

Lynchburg News and Advance

Man apprehended after jumping White House fence
Lynchburg News and Advance
Secret Service respond on the North Lawn of the White House after a man jumped the White House fence, Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014, in
Posted by: Posted: October 22, 2014, 11:41:35 AM
Category: Top Stories

Daily Mail

Syria destroys two warplanes used by ISIS to train fighter pilots for terrorist 'airforce'
Daily Mail
The Syrian Air Force has destroyed two fighter jets belonging to the Islamic State just days after observers claimed to have
Posted by: Posted: Today at 01:13:51 AM
Category: Top Stories


If no checks, more Ebola cases might leave Africa
LONDON (AP) — A new study underscores the potential danger of airplane passengers infected with Ebola leaving West Africa: If there were no exit screening in place, researchers
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Four infant bodies found in Canada storage locker
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Kab mob Ebola los ze zuj zus Minnesota lawm
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Hong Kong Student Leaders Disappointed by Reform Talks
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[October 21, 2014, 04:37:18 PM]

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